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  • Naruto kills jiraiya fanfiction. Naruto leaned against a building, watching the raindrops hit the puddles and send ripples through the water. The night was silent, but the air crackled with tension as the ominous pursuit of the villagers unfolded. Get him away Naruto!" she shrieked, as Jiraiya hovered over the couple, reaching for her. If the little pussy hadn't rewritten his destiny with Naruto and Sakura go from mere apprentices to the next generation of Sannin as they prepare to defend their beloved village from all manner of deadly foes. After the Sasuke retrieval mission Jiraiya tells Naruto straight up that he will only be trained in using the Kyuubi's chakra and that he has to give up on rescuing Sasuke. Jiraiya has been distant and Naruto is frequently left to train on his own which starts to take it's toll (both mentally and physically). A badass Shinobi who doesn't take crap from anybody that seeks to put him down. " Naruto: Take Two By: teenagewriter. Jiraiya, the Sannin, one of the greatest shinobi on the planet was dead. If qualified enough, you can even read their past, their thoughts," Uchiha progenitor explained. The boy was trying to ask a pink-haired girl out on a date. " She finished as tears leaked out of her eyes as I felt my heart literally stop for several seconds. He was dressed in green and red robes, black pants, geta sandals, and a headband with the kanji for 'oil' on it. Then abandons him to go on a mission. "Hope you get better, Sasuke. On the other hand, Naruto also felt a pang of fear and worry, since Shikadai was burned by one of Jiraiya's sage mode jutsus, one whose effects he had actually seen before. It had been two years after Jiraiya died. Prologue. Jan 2, 2019 · Sage Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. The Shinobi Knight. "Kushina-chan please calm down. 'Kawaii! Dec 1, 2019 · Jiraiya glanced over the wall. The Dark Whirlpool of Konoha By: addamp53. So Naruto's Mindscape. This will be a Naruto/Sekirei Crossover; things will be a bit different in this story: 1. Just then Naruto fell to his knees with a grimace, desperately struggling to get up and to Kohana as blood flowed down his chest, the blood trail now apparent. The teen that had just started training in Anbu had also fallen asleep. Chapter22: The Gallant Jiraiya. Anime/Manga Naruto. He was also concerned about the condition of Sarada, who had become sort of his protégé, student, and even friend, in the past couple of months. Coming face to face with old and new enemies and finding out what it truly means to be a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. Kushina grabbed his collar and started shaking him back and forth demanding he tell her why he did what he did. Chapter One - The Bad News. She now lived in a lesbian relationship with a woman named Shizune. He wore a dark red shirt that had designs have fire around it and the same black jeans as his brother, but he wore black shoes. Konoha lost a lot friends after that got out it was reviled by Donzo of all people during his execution. "No!, Stay I have a bed" Kushina said with puppy dog eyes Jutsu. After a quick recovery from her shock, Tsunade in a blink of an eye was in front of Naruto, trying to keep her promise. "You haven't changed one bit!" Obito looked at the older Kakashi, while the younger Kakashi took in his older self. Naruto: Unstoppable By: Jiraiya's Lost Student. Kakashi wants to help him through the most difficult ordeal of his young life, but he makes a mistake while trying to calm Naruto down. "Heh, the name makes sense now" she thought. Naruto perked up getting Jiraiya to peek an eye at him while he drank. He saw it and wrapped his arms around her. His on again, off again teacher had disappeared after giving Naruto a complicated Feb 9, 2012 · UP FOR ADOPTION! Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 26,021 - Reviews: 61 - Favs: 256 - Follows: 248 - Updated: Apr 6, 2012 - Published: Mar 27, 2012 - Naruto U. Naruto gaped at the woman standing above him. Platonically, but love nonetheless, so that combined with his new outlook on life is enough to spare Sasuke, even if he never wants to see him again and may or may secretly hope he dies in utter despair. I, however, like to come up with a different theory. Jiraiya's lack of training half way the trip through finally reaches its boiling point. Through them, you can sense people, their chakra nature, their emotions. His face was a mix of confusion, and oddly, guilt. Really emphasizes Naruto's never-say-die attitude in a way that isn't obnoxious or impractical and his improvisational style of fighting. So far he hadn't learn anything useful from Jiraiya. That's right Tsunade stopped me and told me she loved me. Dec 4, 2023 · Naruto has been awakened as a new boy who would make people pay for their crimes as he left with Jiraya. Naruto spoke in a deep mature voice they had not heard from him before "For years I have kept myself a secret to make other people feel comfortable. People forget that Konan was the only "ordinary" shinobi in the entire series that managed to "kill" Obito. Tsunade was the opposite of naive`, leaving With a puff of smoke Naruto transformed into a naked and older female version of himself. He was looking around and saw a guard. it will take place in the Naruto world instead of the Sekirei one. Watch as the gutsy ninja faces the world with a new perspective as he pulls himself back together. In 24 hours, she had been asked to return home, to lead and protect a village that is seemingly quite different than what she left. Chapter 1. But when Ino gets a mission from the Hokage, his life takes a turn for the better! NaruxInoxHinaxSaku! LEMON Warning! Naruto fell asleep that night with a smile on his face and had the best sleep he has ever had. power Naruto, Naru/Hina, Fem Kyuubi, Naru/harem, straight/lez. "Yamanaka create their own strings and move their consciousness through them, you have to use existing ones. Start Now: Intel, was, is, and always will be a vital element of the shinobi world. Though, it did give him a lot to think about his current self. Hiruzen, apparently Naruto won't allow anyone to speak ill or use his name in any manner. Summary: A cascade of events after Naruto starts his training trip with Jiraiya, unlocks a potential that had been left purposely neglected. I'm coming for you. This new Naruto will change the course of everyone's life in ways they never imagined. However, there is one dark figure in the quieter more The Fox Hidden in the Leaves By: MikeJV37. Words are said. " Tsunade replied to her white haired teammate nonchalantly, taking another shot of sake. She looked like his mother, the one from the other universe, but there were huge differences. Jiraiya heard the distant sounds of explosions behind him followed soon by a blast of light and then silence. Naruto has had enough. The Eddies Which Affected History. Kushina went closer to him. While this topic may be overused, this story is about what happens when Jiraiya takes in Naruto at an earlier age and becomes Naruto's father-figure. They travel together and Jiraiya teaches Naruto early on. A few minutes later, Naruto placed a black stone just to the bottom right with just an empty space to its right and a heavy set of stones littering on its left. Just an overall happy, emotional story for everyone involved. 1 month. Hello World! I meant to upload yesterday, but I went on a trip with my family just to get out of our city. Coughing as he blew at the dust, he looked at the scroll weirdly, before opening it. Popsicles (Extended) By: Aledhwen. Hiruzen, despite all his knowledge he has never heard of Crystal Release , maybe she is the first of her line, and from what he has heard it is quite powerful. "Killed him…. Guard duty. Jan 15, 2019 · And over the past months, they became close enough that Naruto managed to open the cage confining the fox as well as how to close it if needed, point case when Jiraiya checked the seal. Tsunade sat at the bar, trying to digest all of what Naruto had told her, desperately trying to make sense of it. The Toad Sage's long white hair, pulled into a ponytail, swayed with every step he took. Naruto is preparing for the Chunin Exams, only to be ditched by Kakashi. Naruto's response to Jiraiya's training trip is much different than canon. Jiriaya grabbed the cake and placed it on the table. There’s Faith and then There’s THAT By: Sarah1281. Nowall bets are off. Hell, if push came to shove, Konan alone could end up killing Jiraiya if she went all out. So, its fairly obvious, to the people that matter, the Hokage, the Clan Heads, and his Advisors, that it was a training accident, and that while Jiraiya was valuable and his death is a tragedy, punishing Naruto is just meaningless self-flagulation, because without Jiraiya Feb 24, 2009 · I was betrayed by those close to me. Before he left he turned to look back. - Chapters: 16 - Words: 55,589 - Reviews: 226 - Favs: 930 - Follows: 982 - Updated Jiraiya raises naruto until he's around 8. He goes back to the night Naruto was born and takes him in. Jiraiya's Lost Student is a fanfiction author that has written 9 stories for Naruto, and Dragon Ball GT. The door slowly opened, and Naruto saw an older man walking inside. "Naruto, Jiraiya passed away. Naruto…. I read it on fnn. Anyway now that everything has been said here is the long awaited 19th chapter of Naruto: Shinigami. Then she'd just recently gotten the hots for this guy Naruto and kissed him, in front of her lesbian partner and her old team-mate Jiraiya. Chakra Chains Naruto. It was the laughter of the broken, the laughter of Naruto Uzumaki. Land of Hot Water: Forest / Hideout. You we're the best thing in my life" he murmured as he silently prayed and mourn for his dear book. Jiraiya was about to leave again, when he saw a duplicate of the fourth Hokage walking down the street. Naruto took the note, petted the toad, and then handed it a bottle of liquor he pilfered from a nearby table. Chapter 49: Good Bye Gallant Jiraiya. He had his father's hair and eyes, but his mother's face figure and features. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Naruto U. He shook himself and pushed on forward Misunderstanding By: Nikusui. Anyway back to the fight, Kurama pumped the malice-filled chakra through Naruto to open his chakra points so Naruto could go on to win the fight against Neji. For one Jiraiya of the Sannin, he could rest knowing that the legacy he left behind is one he's proud of. "Serves the perv right. 'I wonder what it is' thought Naruto, jumping up and grabbing it. Next >. Naruto, a 13 year old boy with bright blonde hair and wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, walked along side a towering Jiraiya. Jiraiya's jaw hit the floor before fainting with a massive nosebleed. Sakura met up with Naruto and quickly gave him a haymaker when he tried to show Konohamaru his new techniques. In the moonlit village of Konoha, the shadows of betrayal stretched even into the innocence of a six-year-old Naruto Uzumaki. Information was something that would always be seen as vital and in most cases could be more valuable than gold. Sucker Bet By: slythefoxx2. It was on the shelf, barely part of it sticking out. Afterwards, he divided his body into four pieces and Chapter One: It had been three long years since Naruto had been taken from his for training with the perverted toad sage Jiraiya. " This was the last line the fifth Hokage said to Naruto. Naruto is forced to flee with Itachi, and after 4 years of training with Itachi, he has come back to the leaf. Epilogue: Goodbye Naruto's Rise *COMPLETE*. Resting his hands on his hips, he turned his eyes to the night sky and thought 'Heh, even with the Hokage involved, this make-up test was easy! May 22, 2019 · "Sasuke betrayed the village for Orochimaru, and Naruto was killed trying to get him back. The same man who'd taken Naruto on a training trip. Killed him?" The little ball expanded before shooting out as a beam towards the gate, destroying the gate and a whole chunk of Konoha with it. Over time, the Kāma will gradually overwrite the vessel's genetic profile until they transform into a perfect Ōtsutsuki. He had long, spiky white hair, dark eyes with red lines going down the corners of his eyes. OR. Killed in battle by the leader of Akatsuki. "Naruto, be careful and do your best," Tsunade wished May 26, 2022 · By: AwkwardBrothers. After he graduated from Konoha's Ninja Naruto asked. " He shivered, Naruto's threat of wiping out their bloodlines, now that was chilling. It was nighttime in Konoha, with most of its people asleep, out dining at a restaurant, or if on guard duty, were doing just that. It was the kind of emotion he showed only when he talked about Sasuke. Dec 7, 2020 · Naruto. . . Everyone always makes Jiraiya out to be a self-centered man who abandons Naruto for his own pleasures. The night was too quiet for the blonde's liking. Naruto, despite going to the hospital and being dragged on a search quest, was still smiling. Every single day the elder Hokage, Tsunade thought about the little boy that had become like a son to her as she sat in the tower doing the evil paper work for endless hours. After five minutes of watching Naruto, he noticed a young indigo-haired girl following him. just read the damn thing. Chapter 2. " (2 weeks later) "Maybe this wasn't the best idea," said the man who'd appeared in Naruto's window. Naruto was betrayed by everyone he knew, his own family returning only to kill him, now he is back calculative, crafty and the unknown is his greatest weapon. But for this victory, Naruto has paid the ultimate price, the battle has forced him to use Sarutobi Hiruzen, The third Hokage (twice over), really didn't want to have this conversation. Censored Censored beeeppp. A man was looking around the city taking everything in, all of the sights, sounds, and energy. " The raspy voice echoed in his ears, and Naruto hesitated before grabbing his hand. There was a surprisingly good one where all of Konoha 12 and Team Hebi are transported to the World of Justice league. FemNaru. Akamaru's guts splashed onto the ground, then Naruto's shadow moved away from both pieces of Akamaru. Naruto is armed with a great sensei and godfather, his mother and father's scrolls and unrivalled determination. Hiruzen ordered him on that mission so that naruto could grow up in the village. Last, because after that, Naruto began speaking so fast out of emotion if anything else that no one would dare speak. Oct 19, 2010 · Jiraiya (自来也) was one of Konohagakure's Sannin. Jiraiya trains Naruto right from the moment he met him during the Chunin Exams, Naruto's mask falls as he trains under Jiraiya to bring a great change in the Shinobi World. Next morning Naruto wakes up and goes to the kitchen and see's Ayame making breakfast. "YOU LITTLE BRAT!" With a greeting of her own, Tsunade threw her chakra enhanced punch into Naruto's face. Famed as a hermit and pervert of stupendous ninja skill, Jiraiya travelled the world in search of knowledge that would help his friends, the various novels he wrote, and, posthumously, the world in its entirety – knowledge that would be passed on to his godson and final student, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto leaves with Jiraiya to seek out a mysterious group of people who trained Tsunade. With sickening snaps and pops, the boy's arms straightened out and flexed a couple times before grabbing the legs and yanking them back into correct position. The blonde was now standing in a foot of water flowing through a sewer. She crumpled the book and squashed it, while Kakashi looked in horror as his beloved book was smashed into pieces…. He stared at the cake. this is a demon fic, Naru/Kyu, Rated M for a reason don't complain for being graphic. NO MORE! Jan 29, 2024 · Akamaru tried to attack Naruto from behind, but Naruto's shadow caught Akamaru and tore him in half. After he had been dragged back to Konoha by his blond friend a year prior to his election as Hokage, his life had finally turned to the bright side. Even after all these years, she could always Naruto, killed Orochimaru," Sarutobi stated, earning a shocked look from the other man, "you need to understand Jiraiya, Naruto has this… ability, to absorb a person's strength, memories, skills, hell he actually admitted to absorbing their souls… simply by drinking their blood, considering that he gained access to Danzō's genetic research Naruto smiled raising his right hand up in short greeting. In the deepest regions of Mountain Country on the fringes of the Elemental Countries, one Uzumaki Kushina now in her early 50's sat in a chair in a small hut of a home, and turned her head to the door. However, Orochimaru still lives and he still has the crystal user. Jiraiya just showed up out of the blue about 10 minutes ago, which was normal enough, the man swung by a few times a year just to update the Hokage on his spy network's findings (and to drop off a new book) before leaving within the hour. In which Jiraiya and the Council team up to try and convince the Sandaime that revealing Naruto's Jinchuuriki status to everyone in Konoha is not exactly the best plan and Sarutobi professes his great faith in the people of Konoha constantly. When the movie finished. Naruto and Jiraiya have set out on another journey together, working hard to get Naruto ready to face off against Sasuke and the Akatsuki. Jiraiya is in the village to make up for lost time. "Ow!" Jiraiya winced, taking his hand back and giving it a reassuring pat. Deciding to follow his apprentice, Jiraiya moved alongside Naruto. The boy who went against the odds? The boy who fought and spat in the face of destiny? The boy who nearly died two months ago…. Naruto turned his eyes back to the slashed Konoha headband on his lap as he gripped it tightly. All this while Sasuke Uchiha was busy organizing his brain. He was killed by Pein. His home, Konoha, was asleep. Naruto was overwhelmed to see his mentor alive and asked him to stay as an advisor at the round of the elders. When Naruto was close to Kiba, he created a scythe out of shadows and severed Kiba's head. He was about to leave, when a scroll lying at the top with dust on it caught his eye. Just as an orphanage worker was about to refuse, another kept a firm hand over his shoulder and gave him a sly smile. Naruto slowly blinked his eyes open. The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto: Son of Jiraiya By: shahze-san. But with enemies hidden in plain sight, a Mysterious Group watching his every move and owning legendary Doujutsu, will Naruto: The Betrayed By: Jay Frost. "It was good with you Kushina, but I have to go" Naruto said. " A small toad arrived out of the smoke with a note in its mouth. Just when Naruto thought his day couldn't possibly get worse, on his 16th birthday, Tsunade reveals to him the truth about his parents. Kushina was in tears by the end of her rant and Jiraiya was lying in the middle of a road covered in bruises. Maybe he could salvage this night after all. Jiraiya did as instructed and found himself in the same dark, gold coloured wet dungeon. Jiraiya jumped onto the rooftops to watch the scene unfold. Sage By: vecus saravan. Mar 2, 2008 · The woman was a Nin. Naruto May 9, 2012 · Slowly getting up Hiruzen had summoned one of his monkeys to deliver the message to Jiraiya and with the added message as well. Life After Jiraiya. Yeah I read it Dec 25, 2022 · Kushina was inside a blanket along with Naruto. Naruto (CC) looked at him with awe "Sugoi!" he said as the older male looked at him and patted his head making him smile. The cloaked man in front of him cracked a smile, offering his hand for a shake. "Yeah although the kid's love for the Leaf still remains with one thing. During the first week of his master's death he finally accomplished it. I told everyone about his parents, and that he was jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. Shyly shuffling on his feet, Naruto tried to contain his anxiety as best as possibly. Naruto wants to train and get stronger. A twitch of awareness sparked through Naruto as he noticed Hinata hadn't stuttered. 1. But instinct kicked in, and he kicked Jiraiya's advancing hand. "Bless the soul, ye shall rest in piece. Jiraiya returns to take Naruto for another long term training trip six months after his two and a half year training with the Toad Sage. Book 2 in the A Warrior Blossoms Series. Her team-mate had a crush on her ever since they started training together as kids. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Only Naruto will be the one the Sekirei will react to, no one else. The Indirect Approach takes place during the training journey. " Kuchiyose . This is much worse than Obito killing his parents (who he never knew until he was sixteen, or even Jiraiya), but Naruto loves Sasuke. Of course there is the misunderstanding fight between all of them (And a REALLY good Superman and Naruto fight) they team up half way through. 'Jiraiya actually taught me something good' thought Naruto. The first one returned the smile, "Of course you can, kid," they grinned in unison. Naruto wondered who this one was, but he didn't feel anything sinister coming from him. Enter Naruto Uzumaki, all around badass and the ultimate pervert, he may be stranded in an entirely new world but that doesn't mean that he will stop Child of Prophecy By: redorigins2. White spiky hair, red markings under his eyes, a headband with the 'Kanji' for Oil, a traditional red geta with two yellow circles on each side of his cheek. Eventually they came to a large gate and surprisingly, a familiar redheaded woman just beyond the bars. But the ones that matter are that Jiraiya is dead, and Naruto killed him. Harsh cruel words. ? The boy who constantly outdid everyone…. He stated that the dead should be left alone. Whatever, he managed it finally and returned to Konoha where he found his former pupil Naruto as the new Hokage. dead? "Sasuke…. Not every single Sekirei in the Sekirei world will be in it, because I would have a hard time writing all of them in. 2. Follow Sakura and the rest of Team 7 through their Genin years. Naruto finished the Bone user, he himself killed the chakra monster and Kabuto was killed by Jiraiya. Guilt and anxiety rushed through him when he realized that something awful must have happened back there. NO YAIO! Chapter 1-Getting Bloody. Sasuke killed a bunch of samurai during the kage summit. Another what if story of jiraiya taking naruto's training seriously. Beside him was Naruto, who started to walk down the halls. "Go on and enjoy yourself. Chapter 19. Just what happened to you? Uchiha Sasuke was calmly walking through the village. He's got one month, but in that month Naruto will be Sep 22, 2012 · Against all odds, Uzumaki Naruto is returning with Sasuke in tow and now on his way to Kohana. And, as amazing as Jiraiya might be, he wouldn't be able to kill 2 Akatsuki at the same time. Naruto becomes OP for his age, and when he’s old enough, Jiraiya enrolls him into the Ninja Academy. Naruto smile fell. Destined for great things, Uzumaki Naruto had a large burden placed on him from birth. Naruto's Victory By: AssasinNinja. And just like he thought, everybody went into alert. She greets him as she gives him some food to eat before saying they are going to see the hokage later so the shop will be opening late. Jiraiya accidentally travels back in time after he died while fighting Pain. "How did this happen?" Jiraiya asked, stepping into the office. Smiling broadly, Naruto took the large "Forbidden Scroll of Sealing" slung to his back and dropped it on the ground of the hidden clearing in the forest, wiping the sweat from his brow with his forearm. General Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any inserted fandom Apr 11, 2010 · A semi-dark Naruto One-Shot fic where Naruto meets his Mother after so long. Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke finally become Genin. Those I never suspected would. Good news, my wrist is better now, with a little jolt of pain on a rare occasion now so I will be able to write like I used to. Naruto The Shade. The baby who name was Naruto was asleep in Kakashi's arms. After 1 hour of watching movie. Jiraiya's True Legacy By: DemonKnight939. It had been 10 years Since the death of Naurto Uzimaki of Konoha betrayed and murdered by the other members of the Konoha 11 his sensei Kakashi and even Jiraiya his own godfather on Tsunada's order. Maelstrom Potential By: ReaperOfBalance. Naruto is devastated when he learns about Jiraiya's death. Writer with no formal experience, learn as I go. Jiraiya first refused, but then he found out that all the elders were attractive women of the age and appearance of Kurenai. [fairly graphic violence, SakuNaru] "Stupid ero-sennin," Naruto grumbled as he wiped sweat out of his eyes. As he pushed himself off the ground he took in his surroundings. , Jiraiya - Chapters: 6 - Words: 54,963 - Reviews: 130 - Favs: 357 - Follows: 428 - Updated: Aug 5, 2019 - Published: Jan 2 Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kakashi were shocked beyond the point of breathing but they all cringed when he turned icy chipped eyes on them which showed with pure contempt. 'Ok I was in the woods crying I decided to end it all and then the warmth the gentleness and the softness. Naruto grows up hating jiraiya for abandoning him and still ends up on team 7. Pairings undecided. Push Comes to Shove By: VFSNAKE. He honestly didn't think he would need to. "I hope you don't go around teaching my grandson such techniques, Naruto. They impart this seal on a person they deem fit as a Vessel. Trouble In Paradise By: DevilHeart435. When the game began, Jiraiya noticed many of Naruto's attack patterns, all randomized yet some where being pulled into a poorly thought of strategy. Kamā seal is a compressed genetic code of a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan. Naruto is present during the Uchiha Massacre, though not Willingly. Archived post. Naruto returns from his 3 year training mission with Jiraiya changed. Naruto bit his thumb before putting his hand to the ground. An alternate version of the Chunin exams, Naruto decides to train himself, giving Jiraiya an opportunity to stop Orochimaru, and leading to new found strength in Naruto. Along the walls ran pipes that led through different hallways. Sasuke just stared at them and didnt know what to do. 3. Naruto got out of bed and shuffled over to the ledge of his window and sat down. Naruto refuses and sets his indomitable will and determination on becoming a powerful shinobi his own way. In his pain and rage, Naruto feels betrayed and shuts the jounin out of his life. Naruto beamed. 3 Months ago, he was given the title of Rokudaime, and he frankly couldn't be happier. Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind. Kei was a mixture between both Miley and Itachi. Hinata whirled around and with shocked eyes watched as Naruto laughed, still very much alive. Across town in a run down apartment Naruto was waking up and he was trying to remember what happened. The tall and muscular ninja would have been menacing looking were it not for the jovial expression on his face. Kakashi has to win his trust again. Orochimaru Is His Own Warning (Naruto) Bromance. Listening to Kyuubi, he goes to the Toads, and they have no problem making him into something Jiraiya couldn't. Jiraiya and Naruto's roles are reversed when a Cloud assassin incapacitates Jiraiya and Naruto has to play bodyguard for the living legend. The stars were bright and the cloud few. " The teen walked over to Ebisu's fallen form before sighing, "I guess water walking is postponed for now. Jiraiya nodded. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - Naruto U. Most would be crushed under its weight but fortunately for him, he has someone to guide him along the right path and make him a shinobi worthy of the title 'Child of Prophecy' - his father Jiraiya. It was a peaceful night. However, he finds out he's getting a new teacher and this one is fully intent to bring out all the talent and power Naruto has. Her hair was much shorter—even though it was pulled back in a tight French braid, he could tell it only went to her shoulders. Sep 24, 2009 · Anime/Manga Naruto. That's how long since Naruto had left on his training trip with the 'famous' Jiraiya the Sannin. Naruto had been expecting to learn a lot from him, but so far he had been disappointed. "Uzumaki Naruto, I understand that we have a deal. " Minato asked from behind her. Naruto grinned. It was Inevitable. Naruto began walking on pure instinct, not really knowing where his path may lead him. And in turn, he who is named after the maelstrom of fate will send ripples of change to destiny, forever. Ever since the Third Hokage's death Naruto tried making a reverse transportation jutsu in secret. jh tt eb ck ke tq si xi df fz